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Swiss Mobility: An all-inclusive subscription at a low price

A young and ambitious initiative wants to reform mobility in Switzerland with new subscriptions.
Imagine a season ticket that gives you access to all means of transport in the country (train, public transport, ski lifts, boats...), all for 800 francs.

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Utopia: A Swiss man invents an annual pass for all public transport

Train, bus, boat, ski: during the confinement, Christophe Godel, an independent consultant, imagined for his country, the Swiss Confederation, a "SwissEcoPass" at CHF 800, valid all year round, on all types of transport, including the ski lifts in mountain resorts.

His idea, which is a bit utopian, has been received with sympathy.

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Applications that compete with the Swiss Federal Railways

Travelling where you want, when you want, with the means of transport of your choice, combining your mobility with leisure activities: this juicy market is attracting a lot of attention. But it's not easy to break into this market, as SFR-related services dominate mobility services in Switzerland.

However, this is the challenge that Jean-Michel Henchoz and Christophe Godel are trying to meet. These two French-speaking people are piloting innovative ticketing projects.

The Swiss Fun Pass aims to offer its customers a wide range of mobility and leisure services at the most competitive prices possible.

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Public transport wants to increase its share of traffic to 40% in Switzerland

Public transport wants to increase its share of traffic to 40% of the kilometres travelled in Switzerland, whereas it has been stagnating for years at around 28%.

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Austria is launching a general subscription that is three times cheaper than in Switzerland.

A new public transport pass was launched this week in Austria. For 1095 euros (about 1170 francs), it is now possible to travel throughout the country for a year on trains, metro, trams and buses.

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